Other Web Promotion Techniques

Search engine marketing is a much broader term then just search engine optimization. This term also includes any other way to advertise your business with search engines, whether free or paid. In this section we will discuss alternative ways to promote your business in search engines, some have to do with search engines optimizations, others include simply buying your way into the top results.

Press Releases. Press releases were traditionally aimed at media types such as journalists and editors. Today they have another audience – your target market. Online press releases are now coming up under searches by such search engines as like Google and Yahoo. Potential customers can access your information directly from your press releases. Therefore if you search engine optimize your press releases you can get your press release listed in Google and Yahoo News searches and bring even more targeted traffic to your website.
Rules for optimization of press releases is very similar to general rules search engine optimization. There are several steps that we recommend to take:

  1. Prepare your material. Press release should include some news worthy information about your company that might interest readers.
  2. Next step is to figure out the keywords people might use to search for this kind of information. Be as specific as possible but try to figure out if the keywords you picked can bring you any traffic. Once you have figured out the keywords, insert them into your material. Don't make your optimization too obvious; remember that actual people are going to read this so the information provided should make sense.
  3. Make sure that the layout of your website is clean and will not cause problems for web crawlers when they come to index your press release. Refer to Website Optimization Strategies for more information on how to optimize your website's layout.

Publish your press releases on your own web site and also submit them to online media outlets. You should also submit your press releases to the major news search engines. News search engines are being used by both media searchers and the general public and so are a great way to expand your search engine presence. You should also make use of XML and RSS news feeds.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engines. Although search engine optimization is a great way to promote your website, it usually takes a long time for your optimization to take effect and actually start bringing traffic. One way to achieve top ranking almost instantly is to buy your way into the top results. Search engines that accept payments for your website's position in search results are called pay-per-click search engines. You will need to make a deposit (ex. $50) and they will charge your account per click. The higher you decide to position your website in search results, the more you will have to pay per each click. Below is the list of the major pay-per-click search engines.