What is JBoss?

jbossJBoss is an Open Source, standards-compliant, J2EE-based application server implemented in 100% Pure Java. The JBoss community of over 1000 developers worldwide is working to deliver the full range of J2EE tools as the premier enterprise Java application server for the Java 2 Enterprise Edition platform.

With upwards of 150,000 downloads per month, JBoss is the most downloaded J2EE-based application server in the industry. JBoss can be embedded in commercial products and is being used in production around the world.

Some very compelling points to consider regarding your migration:

While BEA WebLogic and JBoss each offer a foundation J2EE application server for custom developed applications, it is JBoss 3.x robust, standards-based capabilities for FREE that are causing organizations with a significant legacy investment in WebLogic to consider other possibilities that are actually available to them.

Many organizations are now evaluating whether they should upgrade from WebLogic 6.1, to WebLogic 7.0, or to WebLogic 8.0 which implements the latest version of the J2EE standards. They should consider moving to JBoss because the level of effort is the same but the future costs are dramatically reduced!

Organizations that have made WebLogic Server investments in large scale deployments are interested in the economies of scale that can be realized by migrating to JBoss.
We have removed the guess work to dramatically reduce the time it takes to port WebLogic Server to JBoss for the engineer with little or no experience with JBoss.

Excerpted from internetnews.com... "Forrester Research says it's just another sign that open source will erode licensing fees for application servers in 2003. The firm expects cost-conscious software vendors to ditch expensive licensing deals with companies like BEA to gain access to source code and to save money."