Mozilla dropping gecko for webkit?

mozillaProbably not, because open source developers are traditionally often a bit opinated... But check out this post by AllPeers CTO Matthew Gertner, he thinks there are plenty of reasons to drop gecko for webkit, the biggest one Mozilla's large memory footprint.


Dojo widget for in-browser editor CodeMirror

dojoCodeMirror, a very impressive in-browser code editor for Javascript, XML/HTML or CSS (or any language, you just have to plug in a your own parser) made some nice progress in the last months. CodeMirror has no dependency on other frameworks or libraries. If you want to use it in a dojo environment as a dojo compatible widget, here I am gonna share here a little tutorial how to write such a thing.


Hard to find technical docs about dojo internals

Of course an open source framework has no real untold secrets, but digging into the source code can be time consuming and and without in-deep documentation it's difficult to extract the authors thoughts behind it, so I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon this links about.