Keyword Research: a Joy or a Chore?

Do you like doing keyword research?

When I do keyword research I tend towards using my former colleague JP Sherman’s methodologies of defining a “keyword marketspace.” That’s usually because I’m mapping out a content strategy and I need to know who’s in a keyword market space and what’s out there and how our content needs to fit in the market’s existing distribution points.

There’s a big difference between how - and WHY - I do research and the tedious spreadsheet-building chore I once conducted for a search-frequency-based site architecture (what we did at MSI).

All that said I STILL haven’t ingested and digested Stoney G deGeyter’s Keyword Research Methodologies (pdf) from Monday’s link-splosion. But I’m gonna. Today. Because I’ve been reading BlueHat and I want a good excuse to play with Word Tracker’s new keyword research tool.