Google AdWords Basics: Keyword List Permutations by Dan Thies

In my WebProNews days Dan Thies laid sweet SEO knowledge on my readers every time I wrote him with a question - and I always trusted that if Dan was willing to put his name behind SEO advice it was right.

That's why when Aaron Wall linked to a Dan Thies video recently I set me off on a mad hunt through the SEO Research Labs site looking for a cache of more Dan Thies videos.

I couldn't find any in Google Video or YouTube either.

Anyways, here's what I could find, which is what Wall linked to: Google Adwords Basics in which Dan covers using Wall's keyword permutator tool and goes through the basics on using keyword permutations to get more traffic at a lower cost.

It's a strong look at the value of thorough paid search marketing, and how Wall's tool makes it possible.

Dan's made quite a business out of his keyword research acumen as well as his SEO coaching.